Who We Are

Nearly half a million working men and women are represented by LIUNA. Together with their union and contractors, members are fighting for good wages and benefits, safer job sites and a voice in Congress that represents all working families across North America!

Thousands of Contractors partner with LIUNA because projects get built at a higher success rate when using a highly skilled labor force.  Contractors can count on LIUNA members to complete the job on time and under budget because LIUNA workers receive specialized training in the building and construction industry.

Members often become Leaders of their Unions. Some Local Unions fall under District Councils that serve the Local with assistance by Regional Offices, while other Local Unions work directly with their Regional Office. The Pacific Southwest Regional Office represents 70,000 members and their families in Arizona, California, Hawaii and New Mexico.

What We Do

Laborers build everything from skyscrapers and tunnels to bridges and solar energy fields

  • Laborers make buildings safe by removing hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead
  • Laborers serve the public in administrative, law enforcement, hospitals and government agencies throughout North America
  • Laborers provide administrative support to students and faculty at colleges and universities
  • Laborers are employed in movie studios, manufacturing, food processing, maritime, recycling, home improvement, maintenance and other core industrial jobs.

What We Fight For

As Union Laborers, we stand together united for an influential voice, earning the respect we deserve on important issues in the political arena.

  • Respect
  • Fair Wages
  • Access to health care
  • Secure pensions
  • Marketable training
  • Opportunity for Career Advancement

Members manage their own union, electing officers at all levels and participating in the day-to-day affairs of their local unions. Members set priorities for contracts and are the key in the Union's growth and success at increasing market share. From 8,000 members in 1903 to more than 500,000 today, the Laborer's Union continues to embrace workers from all occupations throughout Canada and the United States.