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Republican Voters Against Trump

It's important to stay informed on local and national issues that will impact workers and their families. Concerns such as hazardous working conditions, a living-wage, collective bargaining rights and healthcare through your employer, are all things that unions and workers established through labor-management relations and political efforts, using the strength in numbers of union membership.

With today's technology, getting involved with your cell phone or the Internet, it’s easier than ever to get involved and stay informed about labor and other worker issues. The Mobile Action LIUNA! will send notifications with information about when and where labor activism can make a difference!. Get the latest labor alerts and other messages, sign petitions, and download union ringtones.

Be “in-the-know” by joining other activist of your union's political and organizing efforts. Send a text message now on your cell phone with the word LIUNA to the number 69866. Join the LIUNA! Action Network to be notified by One Minute Updates and other action alerts. Have you registered to vote yet? Now more than ever your vote can make a difference for all working families! An estimated 51 million eligible Americans remain unregistered to vote, but it's not too late to register and there are multiple ways to go about it. Please check with your Local Central Labor Council for Get out the Vote Mobilization Activities

Register in Hawaii or call (808) 453-VOTE (8683)

Register to Vote in New Mexico or call (800) 477-3632

Register to Vote in Arizona

Register to Vote in California or call (800) 345-8683

Register to Vote in Texas or call (800) 252-vote (8683)